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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Read our Carpet Cleaning FAQ for answers to questions about our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services

We can give you a better idea at the Free on-site quote stage as different types of carpet fitted in different rooms will have different drying times. But as a rough guide, domestic carpets can be touch dry within an hour or so and fully dry overnight. Commercial carpets can be dry in less than 30 minutes. The good news is that with our system you don’t have to wait to walk on it!

Not at all. We can usually clean all of the carpet without issue. If there’s anything that needs special attention we’ll make the necessary arrangements at the Free onsite quote stage. All we ask is that you move any clutter from floor areas you’d like cleaned and breakables/ delicates from units you’d like moved.

We are known for durable, top quality results. We achieve this by taking our time to use whatever tools/ processes are required. We’ll be able to you a better idea at the Free on site quote stage but as a very rough idea, a three up/ two down house can take up to around an hour per room.

No. Our cleaning processes are fume and odour free. Unless required to work on difficult stains we usually avoid the use of detergents, enzymes, solvents etc. (If we know of allergy problems ahead of the clean we can tailor our processes to suit) Instead, we rinse your carpets clean with atomised water – it’s a really effective system that will remove detergent left in the carpet from your last carpet cleaning company’s best efforts.

In short, no. Our knowledge, tools and skills ensure that we won’t be taking risks with your carpet.

We assess your carpet installation during your Free onsite quote and will let you know of any potential issues in advance. Our work is guaranteed and insured so you can tick shrinkage off of your list of concerns.

Using our system, no. We guarantee it!

This is true however of companies that use detergents and either don’t bother to dose them correctly or don’t manage to rinse them adequately from your carpet. It happens because the carpet is left ever so slightly sticky and this attracts and holds onto whatever dust is in the air or dirt that is trodden in.

The good news is that our system is SO effective that we can remove these residues even years after another company has left them in your carpet.

Yes, you can do much to look after your soft furnishings, it just takes a little know how – and we’re happy to help 😉

Your soft furnishings acts a air filters in your home or work environment. The more hard surfaces you have, the more often these ‘air filters’ need refreshing as airborne dust settles onto them. In fact, around three quarters of the dirt found in your soft furnishings is dry, particulate soil. Regular light vacuum cleaning works wonders at keeping everything looking fresh – allow the suction to lift the fabric slightly from the cushioning rather than burying the upholstery tool into the fabric. Turn rugs onto their face and vacuum the back first and simply spend a little longer on vacuuming your fitted carpets – they’ll last a lot longer if you do.

Ease up on the foaming Oxidising or Enzyme cleaners – especially the Pink one. They usually do more harm than good, they often leave permanent bleached marks in your nice expensive wool carpet. Honestly – blotting (not rubbing) with water usually is all that’s needed. Beyond that, you’ll find some great washing tips for your soft furnishings here.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Yes. Public liability – This covers you for accidental damage to your property, and also Treatment risk insurance – This covers you for work we carry out on your soft furnishings.

If we sent just ‘anyone’ to turn up with a ‘one cap fits all’ approach to cleaning your soft furnishings this might work.

Because we like to guarantee our work, and Aqualink carpet care is about more than just making money we prefer to meet you with your soft furnishings and give you the opportunity of making an informed choice. Your Free onsite quote is not used to sell additional products or services. We spend a few minutes identifying your needs, we quickly work out your options, give you the price and arrange to email your written quote. You are under no pressure to accept our quote but can contact us by phone, text or email if you have further questions or are ready to book your clean.

The IICRC took the guesswork out of this in their S100 publication ‘Standard & Reference guide for carpet cleaning’ which recommends carpet with normal soil (families with children, elderly) to be restoration cleaned annually. They go on to recommend that carpets with heavy soil (families with pets, smoking) to be restoration cleaned bi-annually.

These recommendations, based on real world data help to you to achieve the maximum useable life span from your carpet. They record that uncleaned carpets remain useable but in a poor condition for between 1-5 years, whereas carpets cleaned according to their recommendations can remain in good useable condition for 10 years +.

Yes, it can if used without caution. Carpet cleaning companies sell idea of steam cleaning because heat makes chemicals work better. For every 10° above 60° C cleaning chemicals double in ability. However extreme heat and powerful chemicals can do more than just clean. Tufted carpets can go baggy, leaving big humps in the carpet, colours can run, synthetic carpets (which are ‘heat set’) can go flat and lifeless, wool and wool mix carpets can be stripped of their natural oils and have years taken off their useable lifespan.

Our equipment is capable of what is termed ‘steam cleaning’ although we are consistently able to hygienically Out clean this often outdated approach using specially handled plain stone cold water! Guaranteed risk free restoration cleaning with long lasting results!

Not usually. If parking is likely to be an issue we’ll work with you to reach an amicable arrangement.

Unless there’s builders debris or similar, no, that’s part of the service we carry out.

We use a very effective, very expensive and very heavy Pile lifter vacuum. It’s amazing at releasing very fine dust found deep within your domestic carpets, rugs, even thick mattresses! Quite often people think the carpet clean is finished when all we’ve done is vacuum!

Obviously a plumber is the best qualified to handle your plumbing emergency without further damage. In an emergency situation we are best qualified to deal with water damage to your soft furnishings.

We own specialist ‘sub surface’ flood extraction equipment to remove water from under your carpets, de-foaming treatments to handle washing machine foam and have had success in extracting the black carbon sludge that comes out of old radiators.

Yes, you could save yourself the expense of replacing your carpet by following the emergency advice found here (link to first aid page) rather than raiding the cupboard under the sink and limiting our chance of successfully treating the stain.

Definitely. By the time you have decided that your carpet needs a clean, around 75% of what you see as dirt is a buildup of dry, particulate soil. Only the last 25% is oily soil. That’s a long term proven fact. No matter how many times your carpet is washed, a lot of the particles will sink down to the bottom of the pile, like silt in a pond.

Traditional carpet shampooing provides a quick drying, short term, surface clean which is sometimes used as a maintenance cleaning method as part of a commercial cleaning program. It should not be carried out on domestic tufted carpets as it can unravel the two or three ply twists that form each fibre, greatly reducing your carpets lifespan.

The particulate soil (mentioned earlier) grinds away at carpet fibres every time the carpet is walked on and this greatly reduces its appearance and usable lifespan.

Deep cleaning on the other hand, with its multiple processes and greater ability to rinse spot cleaning treatments from your carpet, is a far more cost effective and successful cleaning choice.

Our deep cleaning system uses a range of mechanical processes chosen to effectively dislodge as much dry matter as possible tangled and matted deep within the carpet pile or weave, and release it into a dry vacuum, all without damage to the fibre being worked on.

The fibre or fabric is then lightly rinsed with a neutral cleaning agent which is carefully agitated and flushed through with a high pressure cool cleaning mist of atomised water.

Because there’s no particulate soil clumping the fibres together and little to no chemical residue your carpet and upholstery are left soft, fluffy and vibrant in colour once dry.

No. Carpet fibres are typically a combination of the same fibres you regularly load into your washing machine.

However an untrained, unskilled or overly enthusiastic carpet cleaner could harm your carpet backing; risking potential shrinkage of your carpet or causing ugly brown patches (water marks) to appear.

There are some exceptions to wet cleaning such a Cotton, linen which need a a skilled approach if wet cleaning. Other carpet fires such as sisal, sea grass and even paper can’t be wet cleaned although we are skilled in cleaning these using different processes.

Stain resistant doesn’t mean dirt resistant. Some stain resistant treatments can help keep fine particulate soil in the upper section of the carpet fibres however the carpet will still need to benefit from routine deep cleaning during its life in order to maintain a good appearance and provide a good useable lifespan.

In short, its effectiveness wears with use. Many carpet cleaning companies will routinely sell stain protection when it isn’t necessarily needed.

We can carry out a simple test in front of you which you can try for yourself to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment for you. If we agree that it’s needed, we offer a good quality, durable soil and stain repellent.

Yes we do. We offer a collect and return offsite rug cleaning service. Cleaning rugs properly is a lot more involved than cleaning your fitted carpets and because typically rugs are more of an investment than fitted carpet we take extra care to bring out the best in your rug before wrapping, returning and re-installation.

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No. We have developed skills in stain removal techniques over the years and boast a good selection of effective stain removal products however a stain is a recolouring of a group of fibres and sometimes a reduction in the stains appearance is the best result that can safely be achieved.

Yes. We can carry out a simple test in front of you which you can try for yourself to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment for you. If we agree that it’s needed, we offer a good quality, durable soil and stain repellent.

Cash or preferably online/ telephone banking transfer. We never take payment up front although we appreciate prompt payment on completion of your clean.

We offer a very quiet, very effective and very fast drying commercial carpet cleaning option.

We also provide a sisal, seagrass, linen and paper carpet cleaning service.

Yes. By arrangement and usually in a commercial setting.

If you have an emergency we’ll always do what we reasonably can to meet your needs. Please use the contact form for a quick response or phone for an emergency.

We have success in dealing with these stains, however if we are called to attempt removal After all bottles found under the kitchen sink have been exhausted there may be limited success.

We’ll advise on a case by case basis when we visit to carry out your Free onsite inspection and quote. Depending on the severity, the odour can be eliminated. The age of the stain and health of the person or animal has a bearing on the result.

Yes. We have a lot of experience in safely cleaning and stain protecting these fabrics.

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